We sell all of our bologna creations in our retail store as well as make custom orders that can please all of your families taste buds! All of our bolognas are 100% hickory smoked. All custom orders are processed individually and great care is taken to ensure you receive your own meat back. We accept venison, beef, pork, or a combination. However we do not offer deboning. All meat brought in for custom processing must be boneless. All custom orders are given an estimated finish date. 


Beef Stick

The mighty beef stick is approximately a foot long log of 100% beef. Beef stick has a peppery flavor that adds a slight bite to your taste buds. It goes great with some cheese or by itself.

Ring Bologna

A succulent combination of beef and pork. A family favorite, it's the original bologna and one of our most popular products. 

Sweet Lebanon Bologna

There's nothin' more sweet than this meat! Slice it thin to put on a sandwich or cut it in chunks to eat as a snack. 

Snack Sticks

  • -Teriyaki - Add a little "HI-YAAAH" to your favorite meaty snack

  • -Pepper - It's gotta little kick, but not enough to knock you out

  • -Sweet - Just like the sweet lebanon bologna there's nothin' sweeter

  • -Buffalo - The flavor of buffalo wing is back by popular demand

For Beef Stick, Ring Bologna, and Sweet Lebanon you must have 25lb per order. For each snack stick flavor you must have 20lb per order. 

Custom Bologna Prices

  • Beef Stick - $2.45/lb

  • Ring Bologna - $2.45/lb

  • Sweet Lebanon Bologna - $2.15/lb

  • Snack Sticks- $3.35 Except -Honey BBQ $3.59

A 10% mixture of Hot Pepper or Cheddar cheese can be added to any product for an additional cost of 60¢ per pound. 

Extra Beef or pork can be added to any order.